An Inside Look at Flatiron School’s Online Campus With Student Sarah Lichter

Get an inside look at Sarah’s experience with Flatiron School’s online campus,, from applying to the program to solving labs in real time. Sarah was working as a grants manager for a nonprofit, when she got inspired by browsing beautiful websites to pursue coding. She wanted to find a way to study coding without quitting her job, so she chose Flatiron School’s online Web Developer course.

If you’re considering learning to code online or want to get a peek into what being a Flatiron School student is like… read on!

What Are Bootcamps Looking For In a Student?

When a curious potential coding bootcamper turned to Quora to ask what bootcamps are looking for in a student, Flatiron School Co-Founder, Adam Enbar, stepped in with some advice (that’s now helped almost 12K readers). Whether you’re actively applying to bootcamps, know a friend who is, or just thinking about learning to code, we hope this helps you take the next step to the career and life you want.