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All Access Coding: Investing in Future Devs

A note from Flatiron School Dean Avi Flombaum and 2U, Inc. Chief Technology Officer James Kenigsberg

Avi and James / 13 March 2018

When 2U, Inc., a global leader in digital education, and WeWork announced a global, exclusive partnership in January, which included licensing Flatiron School’s Learn.co software, we knew that there was more to be done together. We are driven by a shared goal to revolutionize the way people work and learn, which is why we were eager to jointly pursue opportunities that would make it possible for anyone – regardless of their background, income, or location – to be a lifelong learner and pursue a better life through transformative education.

Access to quality education has the power to change lives. That is why we are thrilled to share the news that we are expanding our partnership by launching 2U, Inc.’s “No Back Row” Future Devs Scholarship, as well as apprenticeships at 2U, for graduates of the Access Labs Initiative. The Access Labs Initiative is a new software engineering immersive program powered by the innovators and educators at WeWork and Flatiron School that makes learning to code more accessible to low-income adults.

Aligned with its mission to eliminate the back row in education and to enhance the future of work and learning, 2U will offer $150,000 in scholarships to 20 Access Labs Initiative students, reducing their tuition payment by half. 2U will also offer $240,000 in 15-week paid apprenticeships to 10 graduates of the program. Apprentices will work on the integration of Flatiron School’s Learn.co technology for 2U’s Learning Management System, among other things. At the culmination of their apprenticeship, apprentices will have the opportunity to apply for full-time positions at 2U. Combined, the scholarships and apprenticeships will aim to increase diversity in technology, expand access to learning, and equip students with the skills they need to build a career in the technology industry.

We believe that a person’s income should not limit their opportunity. That’s why we are incredibly excited about this partnership to make a quality educational experience more accessible and affordable to diverse and ambitious learners. With these scholarships and apprenticeships, 2U is investing in the next generation of developers and technology leaders, while growing the broader tech community.

The Access Labs Initiative is designed to be a catapult for economic mobility for students earning less than $35,000 annually and requires no upfront tuition. Only after students have successfully finished the program and accepted a job as a developer will they begin to pay back their tuition.

The inaugural Access Labs Initiative cohort begins April 23, 2018 with a second cohort beginning three weeks later on May 14, 2018. Prospective students can now apply for 2U’s “No Back Row” Future Devs Scholarship here.

Education has the power to change lives. Together, 2U and the Access Labs Initiative are dedicated to providing educational opportunities to more people.


-Avi Flombaum, Co-Founder of Flatiron School and James Kenigsberg, CTO of 2U

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