Stack Exchange Offers Eight Fellowships to Flatiron Women

Flatiron School / 13 August 2014

Last month, we were so excited to work with Fog Creek Software to provide to eight newly-graduated Flatiron women with Fog Creek mentors and a seriously nice co-working spot.  

Today, the news gets even better! Stack Exchange has joined the Fellowship to offer another eight Flatiron women desk space in their office, experienced mentors—and all of the amenities, career support, and new friendships that go along with them. We hope this opportunity will help our grads land programming jobs they love and encourage other amazing women to join the tech community.


Flatiron grads will be working alongside employees in the Stack Exchange office.


The view from Stack Exchange’s office in the Financial District

These students have already used Stack Exchange’s indispensable network of Q&A websites (including Stack Overflow) as they learned how to program. Now they can further their programming careers straight from Stack Exchange’s Manhattan office. 

To learn more about the Fog Creek Fellowship, take a look at the original announcement, head over to the official program page, or just get in touch!

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