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Spotify Names the Chloe Weil Scholarship to Help Flatiron School Women Fund their Education

Flatiron School / 28 January 2015

We’re proud and honored to announce a partnership with Spotify to support women in technology. This popular music platform will offer generous scholarships to our Spring 2015 class—and a paying internship for one Flatiron graduate.

Spotify has generously provided $10,000 in scholarships—nearly $600 per student—to be divided among all of the women in our class. Following graduation, Spotify will interview and hire one paid intern from the group of scholarship recipients.

Spotify has named the program the Chloe Weil Scholarship as a memorial to Chloe Weil, an inspiring designer and engineer who took a strong interest in creating opportunities for women in technology. Chloe’s path to a technology career wound through art school, a chemistry major and positions at Internet-based companies on both coasts—and when she joined Spotify, Chloe sought challenges that pushed her creatively and required technical exploration and learning.

“We hope the recipients of the Chloe Weil Scholarship use this time to push themselves, study, learn and find their place in an ever expanding tech industry that now more than ever offers opportunities for women with passion to build something they love.”

We thank Spotify for helping to support our students—and we know the Chloe Weil Scholarship will make an enormous difference. It will:

Increase access to skills

We often discuss ways to increase access to our courses and remove the barriers that prevent great students from applying and attending. Paying for education is just one barrier—and the Chloe Weil Scholarship will help lower it for an entire semester of women.

Support the recruitment of a highly qualified female engineer

The team at Spotify is known for its passion, creativity, and stellar engineering reputation. The woman Spotify hires will have to go through their interview process, qualify for, and ultimately earn her role.

We are proud to include Spotify among the incredible companies who have partnered with us to hire, mentor, and support Flatiron students and grads. We’re working towards a goal we all want to achieve—a more representative tech industry, that’s better for including a range of backgrounds and perspectives.

If you’re interested in partnering with Flatiron School to support diversity within your organization, let us know or email

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