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Relaunching Flatiron School’s NYC Software Engineering Immersive

The Bootcamp, Reimagined. Your Career, Reinvented.

Flatiron School / 15 February 2017

It’s a coding bootcamp’s job to prepare students to keep pace with a rapidly-changing tech world. To match the market, we’ve constantly iterated on our curriculum and pushed the limits of what’s possible in the 12-week bootcamp model Flatiron School created in 2012.

As we approached 2017, we challenged ourselves to go a step further and rethink our flagship in-person program down to its fundamentals. Today, we’re thrilled to announce the exciting changes we’ve made to this course. With our NYC Software Engineering Immersive, we’ve reimagined the in-person coding bootcamp model to give you an entirely holistic software engineering education – from programming to product to computer science. In this 15-week program, you won’t just learn to code; you’ll become a software engineer.


Program Updates Overview

  • Longer, 15-week program with start dates every three weeks
  • Smaller class sizes (8:1 student-teacher ratio) so you get more instructor support
  • Dedicated Computer Science classes that give you an even stronger technical edge
  • Product management series to help you understand how your skills fit into a larger org
  • Elective Technical Concentrations so you stand out with a specialization
  • Chart a personalized learning path with our new modular curriculum

Download the new program syllabus here and read on for a closer look at why we created these new program features.

Mastery-based Progression

lightIn addition to simply lengthening this program, we’ve developed a new, modular curriculum structure that doubles down on our commitment to mastery-based education. By breaking the curriculum into three-week modules – each with key concepts to master before progressing – we give students a clearer sense of their progress early on, and a more flexible path forward if they struggle. Instructors can provide additional mentorship where it’s really needed when students need help clinching their understanding; and for those who need more time to master a concept, students are able to repeat a full module along with the next cohort, all for the same price.

Increased Depth with Technical Concentrations

codeWe’ve added a brand new three-week module to cap off our existing Full Stack Web Development curriculum: Technical Concentrations. This final module is a chance for students to explore specific technologies that interest them and build their own independent projects that they own from ideation to execution. Collaborating closely with our Career Services team and hiring partners, we’ve identified key concentrations for students to choose from – including Databases, Front-End Frameworks, and Performance – that are optimized for a successful job search.

Added Breadth with Computer Science and Product Management

breadthOur students go head to head with job applicants with more traditional Computer Science backgrounds and get hired, time and time again, because of their technical proficiency and wealth of experience. Committed to pushing our students even further, we’ve added dedicated weekly Computer Science classes to give students a bigger advantage in the job search and to have the CS foundation to do even better on the job once they’re hired – to understand the factors that make complex software fast and scaleable.

A well-rounded software engineer also understands the fundamentals of product management – how products are built beyond the technical elements. Our new Product Series gives students a chance to look past the command line to see how code fits into a larger product or organization. Throughout this speaker series, students hear from the best entrepreneurs and builders in NYC (including product managers from Buzzfeed, Venmo, and more) to learn what it takes to go from prototype to product adoption.

Of course, not everything has changed:

  • With experience in the field and the classroom, our instructors are unparalleled. Simply put: our students learn from the best. We remain dedicated to fostering strong connections between instructors and students, so lead instructors move along with student cohorts as they progress through modules – with an even-better 8:1 student-teacher ratio.
  • We remain committed to transparency around outcomes, always backing up our student employment results with independently-verified reports.
  • And we believe none of this is possible without community. Flatiron classes are carefully crafted to bring the best out of students; students learn as much from the peers around them as from the lessons themselves.
Want to learn more or apply for an upcoming cohort? Explore the NYC Software Engineering Immersive on our website.
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