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A New Way for Online Students to Connect: Free WeWork Hot Desk Membership

Flatiron School / 9 November 2017

Since the 2015 launch of our Online Web Developer Program, we’ve strived to give our online students the tools to create and foster an active and supportive community – even when studying hundreds of miles apart from one another. Now, in partnership with WeWork, we’re thrilled to share the latest addition to our Online Web Developer Program: free WeWork Hot Desk Memberships for online students and alums.

Flatiron School’s online students will now have access to a 12 month Hot Desk Membership – up to a $4,800 value – at a WeWork of their choice for free (subject to location availability).

Hot Desk Details:

  • 24/7 keycard access at one WeWork location, subject to availability
  • Connect with other students and alumni in an inspiring space
  • Access to shared work areas, events, and amenities throughout the building
  • Access to the Member Network to connect with other WeWork members
  • Students who don’t live near a current WeWork location can start a We Membership, giving access to the global member community and discounts, perks, and events for when they’re in the area

We’ve always believed that effective learning comes not from consuming educational content, but from connecting with people learning and teaching it. This new feature is a great new way for online students to connect and collaborate with the larger Flatiron School community in-person, and we’ve already seen a number of our students coordinating which WeWork locations will become their hub.

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“When you walk into WeWork, there’s an immediate sense that you are in a community,” says online student Kenlyn Terai, “which can be a welcome change for remote students who often work alone. There are planned activities and you’re surrounded by people who are running their businesses and living their lives. There’s networking potential for future job-seekers and, (I speculate) from WeWork community members’ perspective, there will be access to a pool of skilled developers who can help them either learn to code themselves or build something for their businesses.”  

Online Web Developer students will receive details on getting their free Hot Desk membership upon enrolling. You can learn more about other features of our Online Web Developer Program here.

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