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Learning Swift? Here are the Developers You Need to Follow

9 Essential Sites, Developers, and Resources for your iOS Coding Journey

Jim Campagno / 15 September 2016

We often say here at Flatiron School that whether you’re learning in person or online, you should never learn alone. That’s one reason it’s an incredibly exciting time to learn Swift, Apple’s new iOS programming language. There’s a huge momentum in the Swift community right now. Because it’s so new, there are so many people going through the learning process with you—and many of them, from brand new coders to lifelong developers, are documenting their learnings in blog posts, tutorials, and even tweets.

If you’re just starting to learn Swift on your own or through Flatiron School’s new online Swift course, here are nine essential sites, developers, and resources to have on your radar as you continue your iOS coding journey.


1. https://videos.raywenderlich.com/


This site is great for people learning Swift. It provides detail-rich blog posts about the latest and greatest advances in Swift and iOS. Additionally, if you’re a beginner looking to learn the basics of Swift, the simple explanations they provide in their video tutorials are superb!

2. http://www.cocoawithlove.com


Matt Gallagher is an Australian developer, consultant, and author of the site Cocoa With Love (“Cocoa” being the programming environment on any of Apple’s major platforms). Matt can explain programming topics in depth like no other. You can also follow him on twitter here.

3. https://www.objc.io

objc-ioHere’s a resource for the more advanced iOS and OS X topics. Chris Eidhof, Daniel Eggert, and Florian Kugler, the developers behind the site, really know how to talk about Swift.

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And on Twitter…

4. @chriseidhof

Chris is just incredible! He may be the most knowledgeable human with regards to Swift. He goes in-depth with topics and covers more the advanced side of things, but whatever he writes about, it’s worth checking it out. Chris also runs the site https://www.objc.io, which I mentioned above. 

5. @rwenderlich

I’ve mentioned Ray’s tutorial site above. Ray’s tweets are also a great resource. They’ll let you know of any new Swift tutorials he releases, so you can be sure you’ll be up to date on all things Swift. While you’re at it, you should subscribe to his Swift e-mails. His newsletters are awesome—lots of juicy stuff in there.

6. @NatashaTheRobot

Natasha’s awesome. She can explain topics with an ease that not many others can muster. You will come away being able to do cool things in Swift—and understand them deeply. She’s also an organizer of try! Swift NYC.

7. @SwiftLang

All things Swift, straight from Cupertino; must follow.

8. @ericasadun

To put it simply, this self-described “geek girl and brood” knows so much about Swift.

OK! Now that you’re armed with the best online resources to keep up with Swift news and the exciting Swift community, get coding! You can start Flatiron School’s new Swift course right here—free for a limited time!

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