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5 Places to Learn How to Code for Free in Houston

All industries’ futures are in tech, so let’s see the best places in Houston to learn to code for free.

Flatiron School / 13 June 2018

Houston’s tech scene is growing rapidly. While many tech jobs can be found in the energy and space industries, which are synonymous with Houston, the city is also home to a huge startup scene. The city itself and incubators like Station House are also promoting startup growth. All industries’ futures are in tech, so let’s see the best places to learn how to code for free in Houston.

Girl Develop It Houston

Girl Develop It empowers women to enter tech and provides affordable and free programs nationwide. While its mission is to change the low representation of women in tech, all meetups are open to all genders and identities. Girl Develop It hosts several paid programs along with free Code & Coffee meetups weekly and free introductory programs to learn HTML and CSS.


As the name suggests, PyHou focuses on Python in Houston. PyHou has close to 3,000 members and great turnout with up to 115 attendees at their monthly meetups. Each event has a central theme — past meetups have covered automation, metaprogramming, and a code review night. Meetups include guest speakers, presentations, along with food and drinks. Python, pizza, and beer…what’s not to like?

Houston Data Science

This group caters to the burgeoning data science community in Houston. Houston Data Science meets frequently and meetups include guest speakers, coding sessions, and more. Previous meetups included discussions on how members became data scientists, the role of data science at startups, and a Data Science Women of Texas event. The group is open to all experience levels with many introductory events that are perfect for anyone curious about data science.

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Houston React Developers

While it focuses primarily on the React front-end framework, Houston React Developers also has the occasional trivia night. The monthly meetups include interactive workshops and introductory events discussing the history of web development frameworks.

Flatiron School

We would like to humbly submit our meetups to this list of best places to learn how to code for free in Houston. Flatiron holds Meetups ranging from introductions to coding to learning how to land the ideal programming job to Women in Tech panels. All of our Meetups are fun, casual, and free. Even if you don’t attend a Flatiron Meetup, we encourage anyone who wants to learn how to code in Houston to go out there and share your passion.

Flatiron School just launched our Houston Campus where students can reinvent their careers with our Software Engineering Immersive bootcamp or gain the skills they need to be competitive in their field with several part-time courses.

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