Guest Speaker: Divya Narendra

Flatiron School / 3 July 2013

Name: Divya Narendra 
Job: Founder & CEO, SumZero, Inc.
Twitter: @divyanarendra @sumzero   
What did you speak about to the Flatiron summer class?  I had two of our engineers come in to discuss the power of Active Record.
What was your experience learning to code – did you face any challenges or was there any one thing in particular that interested you?  I don’t code at SumZero but I did take intro classes in college on C/C++ and even took a class on data structures and algorithms. I think the hardest thing about coding is just being as precise as possible – making sure you cover every possible corner case in solving a problem.
What is your favorite app that you’ve ever built? SumZero!
What’s your favorite “technical” and non-technical” interview question when you’re hiring developers?  I generally like asking questions that test problem solving skills above and beyond knowledge of any specific programming language syntax. I let my engineers test programming skills and I ask questions that are more algorithmic in nature. Non-technical questions are usually just about what candidates do in their spare time. We love people with diverse interests and like to be pleasantly surprised. 
What are you currently working on?  We are currently developing a feature that will make it much easier for emerging money managers to raise capital by allowing them to showcase their performance. We already have over 80 funds participating in this platform. Hopefully, over time, we become the de facto fundraising platform for start-up investment funds. 
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