Git-tipping our Guest Speakers

Flatiron School / 12 July 2013

Here at the Flatiron School we do our best to bring in the best and brightest developers, entrepreneurs, and tech moguls to come in and share their knowledge and experience with our students. As a way to show our gratitude we are now saying thanks with the help of Gittip. Gittip is “a way to give small weekly cash gifts to people you love and are inspired by”, which perfectly describes the way we feel each of our guest speakers. These are people who are moving the tech community forward and help inspire our students to discover what’s possible for them after they graduate and are ready to begin their careers as developers.  


This week we kicked off our Gittip thank you program by instituting $2/week donations to each of our guest speakers. It’s our way of saying thanks…and hopefully convincing them to come back and talk to future Flatiron classes. 


Click here to start giving Git-tipping people who inspire you: 

Note: we just started this program and will be adding more of our guest speakers soon! 

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