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Josh Hirshfeld / 9 June 2017

As we mentioned earlier this week, Flatiron School is celebrating our fifth birthday with our Future Founders Scholarship – a $2,250 scholarship for innovators, risk-takers, problem-solvers, and someday-startup-founders. We’re also spotlighting our alums who have pursued entrepreneurship and offering resources for students who want to follow in their footsteps.

Below, you’ll find Flatiron School’s Entrepreneur Resources Pack – featuring advice from experts on our team on how to leverage coding skills to make an impact in the startup world. You’ll discover:

  • How learning to code can be essential for entrepreneurs
  • Tips from Flatiron School alums on breaking into leading startup accelerators
  • How creativity and technical skills go hand in hand when it comes to launching the next big startup.

What Coding Can Teach Entrepreneurs

In this webinar, we dig into why even a little programming knowhow is invaluable for entrepreneurs.

AMA with Flatiron School Founders

Join us live on Wednesday, June 14, to ask Flatiron School’s founders your questions – from how to start (and scale) a company to the steps to take to become a CTO, and more. (Can’t make it live? Register and we’ll send you a recording!)

From Coding Bootcamp Student to Startup Founder

This ebook collects actionable tips for both entrepreneurs and those with an entrepreneurial spirit from our co-founders and shares how a few of our grads went on to launch their own thriving startups.


5 Tips for Getting into Y Combinator

Flatiron grads turned startup founders share their advice for getting into Y Combinator – a surefire way to grow a company.

Top Answers from Avi Flombaum’s GrowthHackers Q&A

Avi, our Dean and Co-founder, shares the top skills a technical founder needs and the lessons he’s learned first-hand launching his own startups.

Are you passionate about learning to code – and building your own products? Apply to our Future Founders Scholarship to get the skills to bring your ideas to life. We look forward to seeing what you build!

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