Flatiron Students Present

Flatiron School / 2 July 2014

Yesterday evening, we kicked off this semester’s weekly student presentations. Every Flatiron student has to give at least one technical presentation while they’re here. There’s pretty much no getting out of it, but last night’s presenters had the reckless audacity to go first. It’s kind of a big deal considering they’ve only been coding for a month, and, of course, they did an incredible job.

Here’s the evidence:

iOS student Tarik Fayad presented his music player, which played us music.


Ruby students Spencer Tang and Edward Warren used the Yelp API to give us timely restaurant recommendations.


Web Fellows Yaritza Rodriguez and Rebecca Poulson broke down a GET request and explained the Internet. 


And Amber Tunnell and Ben Shore made Ruby gems.


Then when we remembered that they’d only been doing this for a month, we were all like:


We can’t wait to see what everyone else gets up to! A few students will present every Tuesday until the semester’s over and we can’t actually make them do it anymore (though they usually keep presenting at Meetups and conferences!). In addition to Flatiron Presents, we’ve got a lot of free, public events happening soon. Feel free to take a look at our Meetup page and stop by!

Tonight we’re talking Swift. So if you’re an iOS developer, RSVP to come learn with us and get approximately 2 hours of Swift experience.

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