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Flatiron School’s Community-Powered Bootcamp Joins GitHub Student Developer Pack

Flatiron School / 17 January 2017

If you’ve attended or followed Flatiron School, you know that we love GitHub. The software platform – used by over 19 million developers to collaborate – is an essential part of a programmer’s toolset (you can’t do a program at Flatiron School, in person or online, without getting hands-on with GitHub); and, as an organization, GitHub shares our mission to increase access to quality education. So we’re thrilled to announce that we’ve partnered with GitHub to include one month of free membership to our newest course, Community-Powered Bootcamp, in the GitHub Student Developer Pack.

“GitHub is the modern software engineer’s resume. We built our entire Learn.co platform on it,” says Flatiron School Dean and Co-Founder Avi Flombaum. “Every line of code you write at Flatiron gets pushed to your GitHub, building a huge portfolio. We’re excited to take this deep integration a step further with this new partnership.”

github pack

The GitHub Student Developer Pack gives aspiring programming students – who might not have access otherwise – the Atom text editor, Stripe, Microsoft Imagine, Unreal Engine, and much more. It’s an incredibly powerful set of tools for a coding student to have and we’re thrilled to contribute to it, helping bring effective coding education to more people. Now, students redeeming the GitHub Student Developer Pack will receive a free one-month trial ($149 value) of our Community-Powered Bootcamp, a peer-driven program that teaches code through collaboration.

“Flatiron School shares our deep commitment to enabling the next generation of software developers with access to educational opportunities and professional software development tools,” says John Britton, head of education at GitHub. “We welcome their Community-Powered Bootcamp to the GitHub Student Developer Pack and look forward to continued collaboration with Flatiron School.”

What is Community-Powered Bootcamp?

In this self-paced online program, students learn to code by gaining access to the same course of study used in our Web Developer Program – a full stack curriculum proven to get students jobs. They’ll learn in-demand programming skills and jumpstart their journey toward a web developer career using real developer tools (GitHub included, of course!) and collaborating with a community of driven students all invested in succeeding together. Learn more.

  • Monthly tuition of $149 (first month free!)
  • 800+ hours of rigorous web development coursework.
  • Master core topics like HTML & CSS, JavaScript, Node.JS, React, and Ruby on Rails
  • Learn online with a curated community of students.
  • Build an impressive code portfolio.
  • Open chat and peer support available 24/7.
  • Learn at your own pace.
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Ready to get started?

Students can sign up for the GitHub Student Developer Pack and enroll in Flatiron School’s Community-Powered Bootcamp right here

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