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Flatiron School Part of White House Tech Hire Initiative

Flatiron School / 4 September 2015

If Flatiron School is known for one thing, it’s giving people the skills they need for jobs they truly love.

The White House has featured Flatiron School’s Fellowship program on their website to promote Tech Hire — an initiative for people with low-income wages to boost their quality of life and address the nation’s growing need for web and mobile developers. This is done through partnering with tech pipeline organizations who work with places like Flatiron School. The end result? Tens of thousands of people are empowered to become part of the burgeoning — and highly sought after — tech workforce.

In partnership with NYC Tech Pipeline, New Yorkers have been given the opportunity to prepare for 21st century jobs in a short, but highly effective amount of time. And TechHire has an ambitious mission: to expand access to 120,000 tech jobs in 21 different regions. You can watch President Obama’s speech on Tech Hire here.

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