WeWork Employees and Members to Get Discounted Intro to Front End Web Dev from Flatiron School

Flatiron School / 27 March 2018

When Flatiron School launches its new Intro to Front End Web Development course on its London and Washington D.C. campuses in May, students will be introduced to one of our most versatile and broad-ranging curriculum to date.

Proficiency in HTML, CSS, and Javascript is typical for most programmers, but each language is also applicable to a wide variety of domains. These language interact with users and customers, so marketers, designers, product managers — and anyone naturally curious — can all benefit and enhance their skill set by acquainting themselves with them.

This is why we’re pleased to announce free courses for WeWork employees and 50% discounts for WeWork members.

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Here’s how it works:

Upon launch, each cohort will consist of 24 students who attend class on campus twice a week, nights and weekends, for 10 weeks.

Of those 24 spots, four will be reserved for WeWork employees to enroll for free on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Additionally, five more spots will be reserved for any WeWork member to enroll at a 50% tuition discount.

There are no pre-reqs for the course, and by its end students will have developed two projects showcasing what they’ve learned.

Flatiron School is committed to making education accessible, affordable, and practical for everyone, domestically and abroad — why not include those in the WeWork family?

Learn more about the courses here.

For WeWork employee enrollment, go here. In order to access this form, you must already be logged into your WeWork Google account in the same browser you are opening the form.

For WeWork member enrollment, go here.

Happy learning!

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