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Bustle & Flatiron School Partner to Expand Women Take Tech Initiative

Teaming Up to Award 25 New Scholarships to Women in Tech

Flatiron School / 4 April 2017

Flatiron School is thrilled to announce an expansion of our Women Take Tech initiative in a new partnership with Bustle, the largest independent media property for millennial women. Together, we’ll extend over $100,000 in scholarship funding for women toward our Online Web Developer Program and partner on events and opportunities to help more women enter the increasingly vital field of media tech. Click below to apply or read on for more details.

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Expanding Women Take Tech with Bustle

We created Women Take Tech to increase opportunity for future female software engineers and bring gender equality to tech – where women hold only 26% of computing jobs. Already we’ve awarded scholarships to help 50 women launch careers in tech and partnering with Bustle will allow us to give even more women the skills they need to become software engineers.

“Bustle is a site for women by women, and this extends to our design and engineering teams as well,” says Kate Ward, Bustle’s Editor-in-Chief. “We believe companies of all kinds benefit with more women in engineering positions. Bustle is passionate about fostering and supporting more female talent and more female perspectives in the world of technology and media, and about helping to close the gender gap in engineering.”

“We’re excited to partner with Bustle not just because we’re fans, but because they break down misconceptions about technical careers that may keep women out of tech,” says Rebekah Rombom, Flatiron School’s VP of Career Services (citing Google’s 2014 findings that women are drawn to technical careers based on their “perception of Computer Science as a career with diverse applications and a broad potential for positive societal impact.”) “Bustle exemplifies one of the purpose- and passion-filled career paths unlocked by learning to code – and how technical skills can allow you to make an even larger impact in a creative field like media.”

Giving Scholarship Recipients a ‘Microphone’

Partnering with Bustle gives us the opportunity to not only give more women access to education, but to give them the tools to amplify their voices.

“Digital media needs technology to build not just a site – but also a story. In recent years, technology has become more important than ever to reporters and writers looking to engage readers.”

As scholarship recipients work their way through Flatiron School’s online program, they will participate in exclusive mentorship sessions on developing their voice with writers and engineers at Bustle – where there’s plenty of crossover between the two roles. As Ward says, “Digital media needs technology to build not just a site – but also a story. In recent years, technology has become more important than ever to reporters and writers looking to engage readers.”

Bustle and Flatiron will further shine a light on the intersection of tech and media with an event series – they’ll give a behind-the-scenes look at how the Bustle engineering team operates and co-host the event “Developing Stories: The Women Shaping Media Tech” on Flatiron School’s NYC campus on Wednesday, April 26, featuring Ward, Bustle engineer Zahra Jabini, and other writers/engineers from prominent publications unpacking the increasingly essential tech behind this never-more-relevant field.

Scholarship Details

Bustle and Flatiron School will award 25 women 50% scholarships to Flatiron’s Online Web Developer Program, cutting their tuition to $750/month for the duration of the program.

We invite you to apply for one of 25 Women Take Tech scholarships by clicking the link below. Let’s change the face of tech together.


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