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Announcing the Kode With Klossy Summer Program

Erin Farber / 30 March 2016

Summer crushes come and go but a passion for coding sticks with you for life – at least according to the Kode With Klossy students!

We’re excited to share that the second annual Kode With Klossy summer camp is now accepting applications for three locations across the country: NY, LA and St. Louis. Spearheaded by model and all around awesome woman Karlie Kloss (trust us on that one, she’s a student here!), the program teaches girls the ins and outs of programming languages used behind apps such as Twitter and The New York Times.

Not only will Karlie’s coders get a taste of programming, but they’ll also learn fundamental software engineering principles alongside other teenage techies and a group of amazing instructors.

After the two-week session, students will have real apps to show for their new skills, plus a peek into what careers in tech look like. In fact, two rockstar coders from last year’s session, Louisa and Lydia, can’t get enough. Here’s what they took away from the experience:

Louisa says… “It was awesome working with other young programmers in a professional environment. [Since the program,] I’ve been working closely with the students in the coding club that I started at my school, trying to share what I learned at the Flatiron School. I also hope to make an app in the near future just for fun, and later make one available to the public.

The program at the Flatiron School really made me want to go into [a career] using computer science. I would totally recommend the program to all my friends. Not only did we learn all about coding, but we worked in an environment like no other. The teachers and students were amazing!

Lydia says… “Aside from learning how to code, I loved being apart of the Flatiron community, surrounded by people who are passionate about learning such an important skill. I left Flatiron with great friends, and an incredible mentor, my teacher, Ruth Mesfun.

I am heading to college this fall, and prior to the program, I never really considered studying computer science. I was set on studying business; however, after my experience at Flatiron, I have realized I would have many more career opportunities if I incorporate computer science into my business degree. The learning environment and style of teaching has given me a strong foundation in preparing me for my college coursework. Even as I am finishing my senior year in high school, it is obvious to me that my time at Flatiron provided a new perspective, and a more mature outlook on learning.

If you know a superstar programmer in the making, share the Kode With Klossy website for details. The application is simple: just upload a 60-second video to YouTube with the hashtag #KodeWithKlossy telling us how you plan to use coding to change the world.

  • For girls ages 13-18 in New York, Los Angeles, and St Louis
  • Be on campus Monday-Friday, 9am-3pm
  • No previous experience necessary

Want to learn more? Check out videos from last year’s scholarship winners. Also read interviews with two alums – Cindy and Thea.

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