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Announcing Major Updates to our Online Web Developer Program

Expanding our Online Curriculum and Educational Services for Tomorrow’s Software Engineers

Flatiron School / 11 May 2017

Flatiron School has led the bootcamp industry by offering the first online coding program with a true Job Guarantee. Now we’ve further revolutionized the teaching techniques and technology behind our online program as we aim to give students the education they need to become lifelong software engineers.

Today, we’re thrilled to announce major updates to our Online Web Developer Program, making it the most comprehensive online coding bootcamp available.  

Updates at a glance:

  • A growing education team with new Program Mentors
  • Expanded curriculum with Computer Science & Product Management
  • Increased live lectures and educational support

Read on to take a closer look at the program updates.

Growing education team

Bringing our program online opens up opportunities for students to learn from teachers in new ways. With that in mind, our growing education team features passionate, experienced engineers and educators with diverse specialties and areas of focus to drive your learning forward. We’ve grown our team to include educators for every situation:

  • Instructors and Section Leads who shape the program experience – running live lectures, office hours, and 1:1s to help hammer home tough technical concepts.
  • Program Mentors who work with students to chart a path for their success, advising on study plans and graduation goals, providing guidance on non-technical hurdles, and offering program best-practices.
  • Technical Coaches who get students the help they need when they need it.

Added Computer Science and Product Management

In addition to pushing over 3,000 updates to our proven curriculum in the last year alone, we’ve added Product Management and Computer Science units to give students a more holistic software engineering education. Our Product Series gives students a chance to look beyond the command line to see how code fits into a larger product or organization. Our added Computer Science curriculum gives students an advantage in technical interviews and lays a powerful foundation to increase their technical depth throughout their careers.

Increased Live Lectures and Educational Support

Students have more ways than ever to connect directly with our education team and to join fellow students for a range of live sessions – an average 24 per week – including:

  • Office Hours: Ask instructors technical questions – and see what other students struggling with – in these open sessions.
  • Live Lectures: In these interactive workshops, instructors present technical topics and live-code – with students encouraged to participate.
  • Accountability Check-Ins: Bond, vent if needed, and get the inspiration to keep at it in these explicitly non-technical group activities.
  • Portfolio Project Prep: Prepare to present your Portfolio Projects with confidence and preview other students’ projects in these session.

Explore a sample weekly schedule of our group educational offerings below.

To get a closer look at the innovations we’ve developed to give you the tools to transform your career, download the new program syllabus or head to our site to apply

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