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Announcing Flatiron School’s Online Outcomes Report

Flatiron School / 31 January 2017

With a history of leading the industry on outcomes, Flatiron School is proud to release the first outcomes report for our Online Web Developer Program – our third independently-verified jobs report to date. We invite you to explore the full audited results here and read on for more details.

Just over a year ago, we launched our Online Web Developer Program and our Learn.co education platform. Our aim? Increase access to the transformative programming education we’ve honed on our NYC campus. We’re thrilled to share that graduates of our online program are just as successful as our NYC grads – and at a dramatically lower cost:

  • 97% of students hired into Software Engineering jobs after 180 days
  • $5,601 average tuition paid
  • 58% of students located outside the Northeast

The stories behind the online students achieving these incredible outcomes are inspiring. We’ve had the pleasure of teaching students across the world; students in cities without bootcamps; students balancing full-time careers, parenthood, and international volunteering with their studies. We’re excited to see them launch careers at companies like BlackRock, Deloitte, ThoughtWorks, PwC, Thuzio, Ibotta, with more job offers coming in by the day.

Outcomes reporting is more important today than ever

The coding bootcamp industry of 2017 is very different from the industry of 2012, when we pioneered a new form of accelerated education as one of the first coding bootcamps. As more schools and education models proliferate, we’re continuing to lead the learn.co computerindustry in transparency as we did when we created the first-ever jobs report – and we hope to see more schools join us.

From the start, we’ve believed in the power of education, that it can help students achieve better careers and lives. But the immersive bootcamp mode isn’t always accessible to those most in need of economic mobility. We knew that bringing the program online would allow us to expand access by dramatically decreasing tuition and allowing students to learn from anywhere, on their own schedule. But how could we ensure that online education would be as effective as our in-person approach? We built Learn.co around three core ideas from our in-person program missing from online education as we knew it:

  • real tools – to ensure students prepared for software engineering roles by using the tools and workflows that developers use on the job;
  • open curriculum – to ensure what we’re teaching is always relevant by integrating real-time feedback from instructors and our community;
  • and community – to make sure that our students learn online, but not alone.  

Simply put: this new approach to online education works – and we’re pleased to share the complete findings of our Online Outcomes Report as well as our previous reports below. With students’ futures at stake and an industry changing before our eyes, transparency and accountability around bootcamp outcomes are increasingly important. We remain committed to both as we continue to innovate our programs.

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