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Announcing Flatiron School’s Community-Powered Bootcamp

An Affordable Program for Learning to Code through Collaboration

Adam Enbar / 13 December 2016

Want to learn code, but can’t afford to attend a bootcamp? Tired of charting your own path through a maze of web-based programming resources? Learning online… but lonely? Below, Flatiron School co-founders Adam Enbar and Avi Flombaum announce a brand new Flatiron School program built for you.  

When we started Flatiron School back in 2012, our goal was to make education a sound investment again. Over the years, we’ve helped hundreds of students learn to code and launch amazing careers as developers at companies like Google and The New York Times. We’ve led the industry on outcomes, backing up our 98% placement rate and $75K starting salary with independently-verified jobs reports.

Determined to bring this life-changing education to more people, we brought our Web Developer Program online last year with the creation of Learn.co, allowing students to learn to code effectively without needing to quit their jobs. We’ve witnessed some amazing stories of our students transforming their career paths through the program.

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Today, we’re thrilled to take an even larger step toward accessibility with the launch of our $149/month Community-Powered Bootcamp. After a passionate group of 50 founding members ushered in a successful beta launch in November, Community-Powered Bootcamp applications are now open to members of our community—and we’d love to read yours.

What is Community-Powered Bootcamp?

Community-Powered Bootcamp students have access to Learn.co—the most sophisticated platform ever built for learning how to code—as well as the proven 800+ hour curriculum that we’ve honed in our NYC and Online Web Developer Programs, all at a price that’s more friendly to those still exploring career paths, skilling up for their current job, or those who can’t commit as much time to the program. You can take a close look at how our $149/month Community-Powered Bootcamp compares to our other courses in terms of price and features here.

Flatiron StudentsMost importantly, Community-Powered Bootcamp students learn online, but not alone. As a student, you’ll learn the skills you need to become a developer alongside other aspiring coders; the program leverages community through a whole suite of features that make learning more collaborative, effective, and fun. (Why’s it so important to learn with other people? Avi shares his seven reasons here.)

So far, our Community-Powered Bootcamp student community includes CS undergrads looking to get hands-on coding experience, designers interested in skilling up, veterans seeking new opportunities, musicians looking for ways to combine art and tech, and more. There are career changers as well as those looking to level up in their existing roles, but while their goals may differ, they are dedicated to helping each other achieve them.  

How do I apply?

Ready to learn to code and change your life? You can learn more and apply to Community-Powered Bootcamp by clicking below.

Community-Powered Bootcamp apply

Community-Powered Bootcamp at a glance:

  • A curated learning path: Work through the same 800+ hour curriculum used in our Web Developer Program—a rigorous course of study proven to get students jobs.
  • Social learning: Learn online—but not alone—with a suite of social features and the support of a passionate student community.
  • Flexible structure: Learn at your own pace, around your schedule, from anywhere in the world.
  • Affordable: $149/month tuition. Apply now to secure your spot in the next class.
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