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Announcing Flatiron School’s 2015 Jobs Report

Flatiron School / 8 December 2015

For the second year in a row, Flatiron School is proud to release a jobs report independently verified by a third party.

But this is more than just a report — it is a symbol of our belief, and unyielding effort, to deliver on outcomes-based education.

This is no small feat. It requires a dedicated and knowledgeable faculty, a continually evolving curriculum, a placements team who spend their waking hours on helping alumni find that dream job, a dynamic product to provide the platform for learning, and students who push themselves to new heights and embrace the challenges of learning code.

It’s no small feat, but it is possible. When the Obama administration launched TechHire, they knew transparency was key to delivering results for newly trained developers. That’s why a coalition of schools signed a letter to the President during that time, pledging to release audited outcomes data.

So far, Flatiron School is the only institution that has held to that promise — now for the second year in a row. By following through with this promise, we are holding true to our commitment to transparency around higher education that delivers results.

Some of the data in this report is surprising. As a comprehensive overview of both the Manhattan immersives and Brooklyn Fellowships, it breaks the mold of what we traditionally expect in the tech industry. This manifests itself both in quality (more women than ever are breaking the glass ceiling) and in quantity (some high school and fellowship graduates are making more than the average college grad).

It shows what works. It shows what’s possible. Most importantly, it shows how education can truly change people’s lives — not just through rhetoric, but through results. We hope you will be as inspired by this as we are. It shows that education can break the mold and still change people’s lives in a real, tangible way.

The best part of all? This is only the beginning.

Do you want to read the jobs report?

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