5 Tips to “Learn SQL the Hard Way”

Flatiron School / 10 October 2012

The following is a guest post by Li Ouyang and originally appeared on her blog. Li is currently a student a The Flatiron School. You can learn more about her here, or follow her on twitter here.

Have you been trying to Learn SQL The Hard Way, but can’t figure out how to run sql code in the terminal? Better yet, you have downloaded a GUI, and still don’t know how to run your newly minted sql code? Your frustrations are warranted. See below for examples, screenshots, and solutions.

Common Frustrations:

  1. I’m forever stuck in the sqlite prompt. How do I get back to terminal prompt?
  2. I messed up and want to start over!
  3. I’m feeling shakey with this syntax. How can I play around with SQL queries on the command line, without running a SQL file, a la Mr. Shaw?
  4. Typing new rows is tedious. Tell me there’s a faster way.
  5. Forget this terminal crap. I’m a visual person. Show me how to use a friendly interface please….oh yeah, and I’m cheap.

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