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5 Questions with KwK Scholar Hannah Breall

Flatiron School / 22 June 2015

Between fashion design, dog showing, and excelling in school, we’re not quite sure where Kode with Karlie scholar Hannah Breall finds the time to fit in so many lines of code. But with a passion for empowering women through technology and hoping to use her skills to help people with autism, we have a feeling she’ll continue to find time for what’s most important. Hannah took the time out of her (already busy) day to illuminate her motivation and ambitions.

Tell us who you are in one sentence.
I am a passionate, determined person with a vivacious personality and a big heart for animals and those in need.

What inspired you to learn to code?
I was inspired to learn to code after working with my brother and his peers at their school. All of these children (including my brother) had been diagnosed with some type of developmental disability, but the particular group of students I focused on were those on the autism spectrum. Children on the autism spectrum have great difficulty with social interaction, speech and body language, gauging others’ emotions, and much more. It is a challenging job to prepare them so that they may enjoy a strong future in the real world. I have learned that some adults on the autism spectrum enjoy and have found success and working with computers. I would like to help connect kids with autism with great jobs and companies so that the benefit is mutual.

What other extracurricular activities do you partake in?
I am an avid fashion designer (mostly avant-garde, up-cycling and costume design) and I show dogs with the American Kennel Club and IABCA. I work at our local farmers market, and am on their board of directors. Finally, I work at Pure Barre and take classes regularly. I also love crafting and am hoping to develop an Etsy store.

Who is your biggest role model?
My biggest role model is (and always will be) my mom who has throughout my life constantly inspired me to put myself out in the world, to do what I love, and to be the best that I can be!

Why is it so important for women your age to learn to code?
I feel that it is extremely important for women my age to learn code because we are the future. Technology is changing faster than ever, and teenagers have a capacity to learn that is exponential, passion, creativity, and insatiable curiosity. Currently, men far outnumber women  in the tech industry, and this is a shame. Equal involvement of women in the industry could result in improved communication, efficiency,  collaboration and creativity.

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