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The 5 Best Coding Meetups in Washington, D.C.

Flatiron School / 2 February 2018

There are near-endless ways to learn to code – full-time coding bootcamps, university programs, online programs, free online resources, and much more. But the regardless of which learning path you choose for your coding journey, the most important thing is not learn to code alone. Being a software engineer requires more than just knowing how to code. You need to be able to communicate and collaborate – and those are skills you can’t learn on your own.

So, to celebrate the launch of Flatiron School’s upcoming Washington, D.C. campus and our DC Software Engineering Immersive, here are five coding Meetups in Washington, D.C. to help you get social while learning how to code.

1. DC Tech Meetup

This meetup is your chance to join a huge community fellow technologists and technology enthusiasts in the Washington, D.C. area. Expect live demos from D.C. companies developing great technology.

2. Women Who Code DC

Here at Flatiron School we love Women Who Code, a thriving community of women in tech and a global nonprofit organization dedicated to inspiring women to excel in technology careers. We’ve partnered before on scholarships to help more women gain coding skills and pursue careers in tech, and we admire their dynamic meetups, including technical student groups, jack events, and panels with influential industry experts. Coders of all levels are welcome.

3. Codenewbie DC

CodeNewbie DC knows learning to code is more fun and more effective when you do it with others. This friendly group hosts a variety of events, including casual community events in which you can work on online coding classes and personal projects.

4. Tech Talk DC

According to Tech Talk DC, they love “polyglots, people who care about craftsmanship, and best practices.” Get ready to hear some great speakers talking about new technologies, and to practice your own communication skills by talking all things tech.

5. Flatiron School DC Coding Community

Oh hey, that’s us! We’re excited to introduce Flatiron School to the Washington, D.C. tech scene, so we have a full slate of exciting upcoming events: mixers, tech talks with local companies, study sessions for beginner coders, women in tech panels, and workshops and skill-up classes from Flatiron School instructors. Join our community of coders and doers.

Ready to take the next step and launch your coding career in Washington, D.C.? Applications are now open for our DC Software Engineering Immersive – start your application today.

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