The Joys of Frustration

Flatiron School / 25 June 2013

The following is a guest post by Micah Corn and originally appeared on his blog. Micah is currently a student at The Flatiron School. You can follow him on Twitter here.


Sitting here on my couch working through various ruby assignments for FIS, and I realize that I have a weird feeling in my gut. Now it is true that I am suffering from some stomach issues but that’s not it, it is the realization that some frustrations are not going to go away. Let me digress.

I am a newbie learning to grasp the concepts of web dev. I choose this path and I walk it willingly. Therefore the frustrations that I come into should be expected. I understand that each new day will bring about another new thing to learn. This is exciting and a wee bit overwhelming.

See, about two years ago, after cutting up a small promo video for a company’s mobile app, the owners approached me and asked me if I have ever considered becoming a web dev. They said there is a lot of need in this industry and they thought that I could grasp it and be productive. Well…

Fast forward two years and here I am, not looking back and enjoying the challenges. I am 100% in and neck deep in muck and mire of the joys of programming. My understanding is growing and my abilities are crawling along, but, I am frustrated. Frustrated at the slow progress my mind tends to run. Frustrated at the intricacies of thought processes in abstracting and refactoring code. Frustrated at the fact that it took me so long to dive into coding.

Coding and creating things are wonderful. I love wrapping my mind around concepts that appear too big for me, too complex. Because a wise man told us to learn to break things down. Take a big problem, and discover the smaller problems composing it. Etc. Recursion, you can’t get away from it. Anyhoo!! Off to continue writing bad code, reading good code, and trying to make my code a bit better each day. High expectations challenge me to continue learning and frustrations challenge me to push through and grow as a developer.


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