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Tomorrow: A Swift Start

Don’t forget! We’ve teamed up with Orta Therox of CocoaPods and Artsy to host A Swift Start—a one day iOS conference. Designers and developers from companies like Tumblr, Etsy, Artsy, Meetup, and Kickstarter will be stopping by all day to talk about the ups and downs of learning and building for iOS.

Why have an iOS conference?

A Swift Start is about trying to reconcile the differences between masters of the craft and people just starting out. Speakers will give technical and non-technical talks about what they know now, and what they wish they’d known back at the beginning. Hopefully, it will make getting started, and taking those first few steps easier.

Hope to see you there! Register now to attend.

High Schoolers Make Awesome Coders

Flatiron Summer School was an absolute blast. In just two weeks, more than 100 high school students went from little to no coding knowledge to building dynamic web applications in Sinatra—that’s what we teach our adult classes in a month! They took on the exact same material and totally ran with it. We were so impressed with what they accomplished that we wanted to share a few of their apps:

Humans of New York

Ethan built an app that texts users when a new photo is posted to the wildly popular Humans of New York photoblog.

Dress Without Stress

Courtney (who attended with her brother and sister) made a practical apparel app called Dress Without Stress, which provides fashion recommendations based on the weather.

Random Facts

Rishi made a Random Facts app to serve up a new random fact every day. Look, now you know what phosphenes are. And knowledge is power.

Inspirational Quote Generator

Christine was super diligent about blogging her experience in a Tumblr. Her last post is on her final project, a Sinatra app that shares inspirational quotes (and good vibes).

SAT Trainer

Natalie’s app posts a daily SAT question to help her study for the test (which according to her countdown is coming up soon!). It also offers some stress relief in the form of playlists and cute hedgehog GIFS.

Activity Generator

Really, really bored? Zoe Goldstein made an activity-generating app that suggests things to do when you can’t think of any yourself—like “paint your nails” or “read a novel.”

We also saw stock market scrapers, Lana Del Rey fan sites, and a whole bunch of animated GIFs, including this surprisingly well-prepared bucket head. It was awesome (and totally inspiring) to see these students express their creativity, intelligence, and incredible senses of humor through code.

What’s Next

Flatiron After School was built using the momentum of the summer program’s huge success. Classes (which start soon!) are designed to allow for flexibility in schedules but also leverage the immersive nature of our teaching methods. Visit the program site for class schedules, pricing information, and more!

Thank you!

We just wanted to extend a huge thanks to our students, hiring partners, and everyone else who made the Science Fair an awesome place.

Developer Origin Story: Christine Beaubrun

Christine is a student in the NYC Web Development Fellowship. She originally posted this story in her blog.

A man and a woman told me on two separate occasions “You don’t look like a programmer” and “You’re too creative to be a programmer.” Though their words were very discouraging to hear, at the time I understood their logic. Haitian born, Brooklyn raised, I graduated from Smith College with a Bachelor’s in Studio Art and a concentration in drawing.

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Today: Flatron School Science Fair

Meet great people—and great developers

Good news! We’re about to graduate our biggest class of Ruby and iOS developers yet. In just 12 weeks, they’ve not only become promising developers, they’ve also built some mind-blowing apps.


Today, we’re celebrating all their hard work at our Flatiron School Science Fair. If you’ve never been to one before, it’s kind of like a career fair in reverse. Hiring managers and anyone else interested in the amazing things possible in just 12 weeks can swing by to meet our students.  

This semester, more than 300 folks are joining us from companies like Makerbot, ESPN, HBO, and Hearst Digital Media. RSVP to mingle with hiring managers from all over and meet some great people who’ve just become great developers.

Date: Today!

Time: 4:00-7:00PM (Drop by any time)

Place: 11 Broadway, Suite 260

Win two seats in Flatiron After School*

Today, we’re using an app built by students Simon Seroussi and Randall Reed Jr to raffle off a really great prize. The app automatically pulls in hashtags to pick a winner at random. Cool, right?

We’ll be drawing twice, each time for two spots in Flatiron After School—a coding conservatory for high schoolers. Don’t know a high schooler? No problem, the winners are welcome to donate their spots to students from the amazing ScriptEd.

To enter, just tweet about a student project you loved to #ScienceFair, anytime between now and 5PM on Friday. The app will do the rest!

Demo brand new student projects­

Don’t know what to tweet about? Try some of these student projects or get even more inspiration from #ScienceFair.


Does your apartment have rats? If you live in NYC, then yes, probably. But find out for sure with Rat Tracker.


Tweet World geographically visualizes tweets from all over the world. See real people saying real things in real time.


worldview provides users with personalized, curated media from thousands of searchable locations around the world using APIs from all around the Internet.

Hope to see you there!

* No purchase necessary, eligible participants must be over 18; void where prohibited.  Starts now, first drawing at 7pm on August 14 and second drawing at 5pm on August 15.  To enter, tweet about FS science fair projects under #sciencefair. Winners to be announced under #flatironschool. Each drawing will receive 2 seats to our AS program. Value of each AS seat is $2,500.

Stack Exchange Offers Eight Fellowships to Flatiron Women

Last month, we were so excited to work with Fog Creek Software to provide to eight newly-graduated Flatiron women with Fog Creek mentors and a seriously nice co-working spot.  

Today, the news gets even better! Stack Exchange has joined the Fellowship to offer another eight Flatiron women desk space in their office, experienced mentors—and all of the amenities, career support, and new friendships that go along with them. We hope this opportunity will help our grads land programming jobs they love and encourage other amazing women to join the tech community.


Flatiron grads will be working alongside employees in the Stack Exchange office.


The view from Stack Exchange’s office in the Financial District

These students have already used Stack Exchange’s indispensable network of Q&A websites (including Stack Overflow) as they learned how to program. Now they can further their programming careers straight from Stack Exchange’s Manhattan office. 

To learn more about the Fog Creek Fellowship, take a look at the original announcement, head over to the official program page, or just get in touch!

Announcing Flatiron School After School, A Coding Program for High Schoolers

We had so much fun teaching more than 100 high schoolers how to code with The Flatiron School Summer Program that we want to do it all year long. Today we’re happy to announce that enrollment is open for Flatiron After School—a 12-week-long coding program where high school students can learn the skills real developers use every day. Best of all, we’ll teach them the same material we teach adults in our immersive programs—the ones that gets folks jobs at places like Etsy, Boeing, and The New York Times.

Classes will be held every week for a total of four hours, either after school or on the weekends. The schedule is pretty flexible, so students can make time for coding among all of the other extracurricular activities they’re involved in. Students who enroll will get access to passionate teachers and the tools they need to learn real coding skills—something that you just can’t replicate with online tutorials.

Real Code. Real Apps. No Kids Stuff

Let’s not underestimate high schoolers. They are capable of doing amazing things with code. We just have to show them what’s possible by letting teachers who are passionate about programming use real-world concepts to teach students how to love it, too.

High schoolers enrolled in Flatiron After School will learn all the same stuff they do in our adult program—that’s HTML, CSS, Javascript, and Ruby. By the end of the course, they’ll be able to build and deploy working apps.

Why Code?

Code is in everything we do. It fuels our economy, drives our day-to-day interactions, and has the power to inspire billions of people. Technology is changing everything, and one way to help drive this change is to learn how to program.

Even if the students we teach don’t ever want to become programmers, they can use programming as a tool to be even better at whatever it is they want to do. They can build things that enhance how they listen to music, design clothes, watch sports, or interact with their friends. Code is for everyone (not just people who like math or video games), and it can help high schoolers engage with what they do love on an even deeper level.

The Details

Enrollment for Flatiron After School is open today! Students can select from two formats: (1) classes that meet once a week for four hours or (2) classes that meet twice a week for two hours each day. The structure of the program is designed to allow for flexibility in schedules but also leverage the immersive nature of our teaching methods.

All courses are taught at The Flatiron School campus at 11 Broadway in the heart of Wall Street in downtown NYC. The program is led by Director of K12 and Social Impact Lyel Resner and Lead Instructor Victoria Friedman, as well as a number of teachers specializing in web development.

We can’t wait to accept our first class of high schoolers to Flatiron After School and meet the future coders of New York. We’re going to have so much fun discovering, learning and growing together. Visit our website for class schedules, pricing information, and more!