Want to Build a Mobile Product for the App Store? Meet iOS Instructor Jim

We interviewed Jim Campagno, iOS instructor at Flatiron School in NYC, who is helping students turn their mobile app ideas into reality. What do you teach? I’m an iOS instructor here. I help students learn Swift & Objective-C (programming languages)…

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Karlie Kloss Helps Change the Face of Programming for Young Women

13 percent. That’s how many female teenagers consider a STEM field as their first choice for their future career. Luckily, many people and organizations - including the White House - are working to figure out how to get more young women excited about science, math and technology. It’s also a topic that is catching the attention of more unexpected advocates, like model Karlie Kloss.

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SwitchUp Scholarship Winner Wants to Educate the Next Generation of Innovators

Meet Sarah Bly, winner of the SwitchUp Scholarship and teacher at Beta Academy, a free charter school in Richmond, CA. She's an ambassador for code and technology in schools, and wants to join Flatiron's online campus, Learn, to accelerate her own programming education so she can help her students even more.

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CTO Eikos

Eikos CTO On Hiring Tech Talent

You’ve put in the time and plugged away to complete a rigorous programming curriculum - you’re finally there! But there’s still one hurdle to clear before you land a position in your new field: the interview.

Whether you’ve done dozens of job interviews or only a handful, the process can be nerve-wracking. Luckily, Flatiron graduates tend to have several core qualities that turn job opportunities into job offers. The CTO at Eikos talks to us about his experience hiring developers and what makes Flatiron grads successful.

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Announcing the Kode With Klossy Summer Program

We’re excited to share that the second annual Kode With Klossy summer camp is now accepting applications for three locations across the country: NY, LA and St Louis. Spearheaded by model and all around awesome woman Karlie Kloss (trust us on that one, she’s a student here!), the program teaches girls the ins and outs of programming languages used behind apps such as Twitter and The New York Times.

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